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  • Return to Work
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Key Responsibilities:

  1. Continuous engagement with business leaders, employees and HR to identify employees’ learning needs.
  2. Developing an overall learning and development strategy approach in-line with business plan, specially in a virtual environment
  3. Forecast annual participation and basis that, design and circulate the training and development calendar, budgeting and L&D analytics and insights
  4. Identifying, designing & delivering high quality & cost-efficient learning solutions for induction, that drive the achievement of strategic goals and objectives
  5. Overseeing end to end planning and scheduling and delivery of all training programs
  6. Ensuring training effectiveness by receiving regular inputs/feedback and ensuring effective translation of learning on the job
  7. Continuous engagement with key stakeholders in country and the regional/global L&D team to partner on critical leadership and learning initiatives
  8. Continuous innovation in L&D practices to make the interventions impactful and cost effective. Revamp induction by making it more engaging and re-defining the mode of delivery and content
  9. Establish mechanisms to evaluate training effectiveness and measure learning impact and behavioral changes at the individual and organizational level
  10. To oversee, measure and validate the delivery and quality of training and development provided, and devise and track the impact of interventions

Educational Requirements:

  • A minimum of a Master-Degree with a minimum of 2 years of professional experience is required

Experience & Skills:

  • Human Resources Services experience is strongly preferred, specifically should have had some exposure to HRIS Systems.
  • Some exposure to managing or developing development programs is preferred
  • Experience in partnering with businesses on developing and implementing projects and solutions is preferred

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