About Us

About Us

ThiinkEqual| Woman At Work is a space where women like you and us, who are driven to build careers, get advise, insights, perspectives and also a peer group to talk safely and openly about careers and the perpetual life/career stage conflicts we face. We know that no one can ‘make’ you the CEO unless you ‘want’ to become one! But we also know that if you don’t have a career identity, your career will be the first casualty, especially in these overwhelming times.

Our mission is very clear – to help to build your career identity and achieve it. And whether you are starting your career, are an emerging leader, on a break wanting to get back or a student in college with career dreams, our purpose is unidirectional – your career. 

This platform is as much about learning as about sharing and giving. As part of peer Communities based on your career stage and functional expertise, we encourage you to talk and share your learnings, challenges and seek and give advise to fellow professionals. 

Treat this platform as your 24*7 virtual career assistant.  

Meet the Founders

Anjali Gulati

With over 19 years of experience, Anjali is deeply passionate about making workplaces equitable. What started as a return to work program six years ago, is now a recognized program in the industry today to drive the diversity and inclusion (D&I) mandate in companies and workforce. She is focused on enabling clients drive their vision & purpose and develop mutually rewarding and collaborative relationships. She is a Post Graduate in Human Resources and has worked in companies like Tata Teleservices and ICICI Bank prior toembarking on her entrepreneurial journey a decade ago.


Poornima Parameswaran Batish

Poornima is an HR leader with 22 years of experience in the corporate & startup world. Her last corporate role was with IBM as  Talent Director-India/SA. She has worked extensively in the space of diversity & inclusion with leading Indian & global corporations as a consultant & facilitator. ThiinkEqual is at the intersection of passion and purpose to enable corporates move to equal. She is a Master’s in Personnel Management from SIBM and a graduate in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College.