How Have You Made a Difference in the Lives Of Your Team Members?

If there is one question leaders need to ask themselves every day, it’s this one, ‘did I make a difference in the life of my team today?’ This is the highest bar of leadership as leaders exist to serve their team and impact them so that they grow and become better versions of themselves and eventually change the lives of others when they become leaders. This question is vital because not only does it help leaders to introspect but it is also a driving force that pushes them to be the best leader they can be. Self-awareness is vital when it comes to leadership and self-aware leaders inspire and engage their employees, motivate and challenge them, and as a result, their team respects and trusts them more. All of these help in raising their quality of performance and hence, diversity and inclusion become a natural phenomenon. If you want to make a difference in the lives of your team members, make sure you work on the following.

Mitigate fear

When leaders create a safe environment for their team, people are more likely to speak up, share their concerns and great ideas without the fear of being judged or unnecessarily scrutinized. All of these lead to better performance because employees have the freedom to work, grow and make mistakes and the latter is the ultimate secret to learning. If employees don’t feel safe, they are working in fear and people cannot be innovative if they are afraid of their leaders. Fear is also the biggest killjoy and also is a killer of trust and respect, so if you want to change the lives of your team members ensure that they are never walking on eggshells around you.

Grow people

Developing your team should always be your goal as a leader, moreover, it should be a way of life in leadership. Always think of ways you can grow your people by creating a culture of continuous learning, identifying their strengths and weaknesses so that they can reach their potential. Also, work on creating a culture of constructive and continuous feedback and this should work both ways. Ask your team how you can serve them better and tell your team what they can do to be better.

Be a real human being

There is so much strength in being humble and a lot of leaders miss out on this because they believe that leadership and humility are opposing ideas when in fact, they are the two sides of the same coin. Humble leaders never let pride take over, they are honest about their failures and are very teachable individuals. Humble leaders also acknowledge the fact that they are humans are therefore fallible and are always open-minded to new ideas and new learnings.

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