The Decision to Start a Family Whilst Juggling a Career is Hard

If there’s one thing women want regardless of where they come from is that they want to live their life on their own terms, which means living life to the fullest and without any regrets. However, the reality of life is different for every woman and more often than not, the reality of being a woman has gotten in the way of them taking on a career with full force. The dilemma of whether a woman of a certain age should pursue a career or should she start a family is one of the most important decisions a woman has to make or so she has been told. While there are no right or wrong aspirations that women should have, women shouldn’t have to feel the pressure of having to think a hundred times before wanting to have children, because there is no going back once the ball starts rolling. According to a Vanity Fair, ‘three out of five millennials were willing to delay life milestones until they reached a certain job title or level within their career.’

People who are terrified or scared are also from an environment where there wasn’t a support system.

A majority of women are afraid, afraid of marriage because it can change everything for them. For some getting married gives more freedom to them than when they lived with their parents, but for some, it can be quite the contrary. Therefore, one’s life partner can have a massive impact on women’s careers and life. “I always noticed that people who are terrified or scared are also from an environment where there wasn’t a support system. If they had an environment where the father supports the mother, the mother had a great career that kicked off even more with the kids, that’s different. They are never terrified. It always begins at home. Everything we do in our lives begins from how we were brought up, the environment we were in, and how it affects us,” says Her Highness Sayyida Basma Al Said, Omani Royal, Psychotherapist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of Whispers of Serenity Clinic. It’s all about teamwork and while both women and men need it in their lives, we wait for the day when both women and men will give credit to their support systems. For far too long, people expect that only women need support systems in order to thrive in their careers as well as the home.

A lot of the fears and problems that come with women and men have different expectations

“Make sure you don’t fall into the trap that so many women fall into by carrying the majority of the housework: shopping, cooking, and childcare while their partner focuses on work. No woman can do all this and succeed in their career at the top. You can be a mum and have a great career, but only if you have the right support – so plan and commit to this with your partner upfront,” says Gill Whitty-Collins, Author of ‘Why Men Win At Work’, Speaker, Consultant & Executive Coach and Previously Senior Vice President at Procter & Gamble. Homes should be as equal and equitable as possible and know they when you decide to have children, women should ensure that their partner is willing to come all the way with them. A lot of the fears and problems that come with women and men have different expectations, so before you decide to have children, have a talk with your partner. Similarly, have a talk with your boss at work on what their expectations are for working parents. You always want to make the best decisions based on information rather than assumptions, which is the worst thing one can do. Don’t assume, just ask.

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