Improve Team Productivity and Performance With These Handy Tips

Ensuring that your team is motivated and productive on the daily is not a small feat, particularly during a global pandemic when you can be sure that every single one in your team is struggling with something outside of work. It’s easy for personal troubles to plague the work environment and this is even truer if they are working from home. Therefore, it is vital that you as a manager or team leader create such a space where people are safe, have room to grow, can come to you whenever they need help, and more importantly, that you are someone they admire and hope to be when it’s their turn to lead.

Kick-off with a vision

You must have a vision for your team, what you hope to achieve together and what is expected of them and the standard you want to set. What should be the team’s collective identity? How can your team be the best in the company? What should set them apart from the others? Also, set weekly or monthly goals so that your team feels inspired and motivated to work towards something. 

Discover their love language

Why? Love languages are not just for personal relationships, they can be used to great effect to motivate your team at work. From words of encouragement to expressing gratitude for a job well done, to even getting them a thoughtful gift, to spending time getting to know them personally. There isn’t anyone who would not like to receive a combination of these from their leader. Ask yourself when was the last time you thanked your team or complimented their strengths.

Share your struggles and vulnerabilities

Managers and leaders are humans too and you need to let your team know that. Perfectionism makes you are a difficult person to work with, let your team know how you got to where you are. Share your stories of failures that helped you win. Striking a balance between your competence and vulnerability will create a safe space for them to grow and take risks.

Encourage health and well-being

Mental and physical health should be a priority too, try to stay away from late meetings, answering emails after work hours. After a hectic week, you can think of giving them some time off. Encourage health and fitness so that your team can bring their best self every day. Start the day with some team desk stretches.

Be clear about their respective roles

Every member should know their strengths and weakness and their role, no one should be left out or be given the thankless work. Ask your team if they are clear on their role, if not, sit with them and chart it out.

Acknowledge wins and losses as a team

Celebrate wins as a team and when you fail, don’t start a blame game, instead find solutions by putting your head together. You win and you fail together, you are a team.

Assign stretch projects to help them grow

Yes, delegate, but also delegate assignments or projects that will challenge them and help them grow. Stagnancy is what no team member wants to experience. However, there are things that stretch them and that which drains them, you want to do the former so that they too can take on bigger opportunities and someday become leaders. 

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