Deloitte Reports That 51% of Women Are Pessimistic About Their Career

The latest report by Deloitte Global titled, ‘Women @ Work: A global outlook’ found that about 51% of women have become more pessimistic about their career prospects than they were prior to the pandemic. Since COVID-19 swept the entire world, the impact on the lives of professional women has been highly disproportionate as compared to their male counterparts. Deloitte surveyed 5,000 working women across 10 countries to hear their stories and experiences which also included women from various age groups, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Without a shadow of a doubt, women reported themselves to be more stressed than ever, not to mention discouraged.

“The cultural factor has also made women pay a higher price at the workplace”

Over the years women continue to face the effects of non-inclusive workplace behavior and even though there has been much conversation surrounding the issues working women face, few companies have created an atmosphere of trust for women. Moreover, the pandemic has only made the problem more apparent as countless women all over the world were forced to find alternative means of making an income, or quit the workforce for good. 

“Our survey respondents are clear about what needs to be done to reverse the pandemic’s disproportionate effects on working women. As organizations look to rebuild their workplaces, those that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in their policies and culture and provide tangible support for the women in their workforces will be more resilient against future disruptions. Additionally, they will lay the groundwork needed to propel women and gender equity forward in the workplace,” said Michele Parmelee, Deloitte Global Deputy CEO and Chief People & Purpose Officer.

The pandemic has taken a toll on working women, particularly working mothers

80% of women reported that their workload has increased since the pandemic and 66% revealed that they have a bigger responsibility at home, the majority of it being childcare work. All of these have taken a massive toll on their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, the cultural determinant has also made women pay a higher price at the workplace since they are penalized more for reporting harassment and misbehavior while at work, even when working at home. We truly have a long way to go to ensure that women feel safe and empowered at their workplaces. It’s important to remember that it’s not just about the big issues like the gender gap and pay parity, but everyday positivity that could change everything for them. 

Read the full Deloitte report here 

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