4 Tips to Take Your Career Comeback Job Search to the Next Level

Searching for a job can be so exciting and yet exhausting at the same time because there are so many options and so many websites you can go to. With all those countless tabs open on your browser, it can get overwhelming, so we suggest that you take it one day at a time. Moreover, during this tough economic downturn, think of the light at the end of the tunnel. The most important thing to remember when actively looking for a job is to keep at it, your lowest day could be a breakthrough for you. Hence, we would like to share these 4 tips with you as you continue your search. 

Reach out to 3 or 4 connections today

Networking should be the foundation of your job hunt, so whether it’s asking a friend to connect you to someone in that company you’re interested in, or adding someone on LinkedIn. Connect with former school and college classmates and even colleagues from your previous organizations. Never underestimate the power of a good network. Moreover, use everyday conversations to let people know that you are on the market, you never know, someone might know someone, who’ll eventually offer your a job or at least an interview. All you really need is a foot in the door. 

Scour previous performance reviews

If you have any performance feedback or reviews from your past jobs, take a look at them and see where your strengths lie and are there any areas you need to work on. If you don’t have them, consider getting in touch with your previous boss or colleagues and ask them to give you some honest feedback. There’s a wealth of information right there and all you have to do is just ask.

Take a Break

Sometimes you just need a break to gain some clarity. Searching for a job can get overwhelming particularly when you are in front of a screen all day, every day and hence, it’s time to take a break for one or two days and get back in there with a fresh mind and renewed enthusiasm. 

Sign up for a coach

When all else fails, you need to consider getting some professional help, a third-person perspective. A professional can really take you and your career to the next level, not to mention they will give you honest feedback which is something we all could use. A coach can also act as a mentor as you navigate your way through the job market. 

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