Rethink Your 2021 Resolutions With These 5 New Year’s Intentions

We cannot be happier that it’s 2021, and many of us are all for setting resolutions for this year. However, the tendency is to set grand resolutions that most of us will forget faster than you can say, happy new year. Therefore, it’s all about making goals that are actually attainable and that you can work on every day, step by step. So, we think it’s time to rethink your resolutions for this year if you’re making unattainable ones, surely your personal and professional life with thank you for it.

Don’t stop learning

Fall in love with learning this year, learn a new skill within your field or take your existing skill to the next level and the only way you can do this is to take a step back and do a self-assessment. You can also ask your team to work with you on this so that you can decide which areas you need to work on. Try to rope in a friend if you to get an outside perspective.

Ask for help

More often than not, women don’t ask for help. It’s not beneath you and it won’t make you seem weak. The important thing to remember here is to “ASK”, whether it’s for help, clarity, or more responsibility. People cannot read your mind and hence, you need to ask. Don’t underestimate the power of asking, and it can get you to places you would have never gone if you wouldn’t have asked that question. 

Join a professional community

Being a part of a like-minded group is a great boost to your morale because you cannot motivate yourself sometimes. We all have struggle days at work and sometimes even at home and there’s nothing like having a group of women who have been there and done that to ensure that you don’t give up on your career. This is vital if you are a woman who is returning to work after a break. 

Delegate at home

Household chores and caregiving were the top struggles of working women all over the world in 2020 and hence, women need to learn to delegate at home. You don’t have to be a superwoman and do it all. Just because you are also a wife and a mother does not mean you have to manage the entire home by yourself. Make household chores a family affair where everyone chips in to ensure it all gets done. Take steps to create a plan so that everyone does their part and see the difference it makes to you and your home.

Unplug whenever you can

Above all, take some time out for yourself, whether it’s watching a movie or Netflix, or even enjoying that evening cup of coffee. Small acts of kindness to yourself really makes a difference in your overall health and wellbeing. 

Image credit: Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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