Your Return to Work Recipe Could be Missing this Secret Ingredient

Returning to work successfully is a lot like baking a cake, while there are the basic ingredients that go into like butter, flour, sugar, eggs, etc, more often than not, the best bakers always have that one secret ingredient that takes their cakes to the next level. Even though you might want to replace that ingredient, the cake just will not taste the same. In the same way, your career comeback may be missing this secret ingredient, the “group”. Being a part of a group is powerful and don’t underestimate this, just like a chef’s secret ingredient. You might have a great resume, and a wide variety of work experience, but a good serving of a “community group” is maybe all that you need for a next-level comeback.

Accountability, professional communication, and an instant are just a few benefits

Belonging to a group or a community of counterparts can be magical. Why? What you might not be able to accomplish alone can be done with many helping hands. Groups have this kind of collective energy that you can’t muster on your own and some of the ways this can be a huge advantage is having people to communicate with, some form of accountability, a way to break down barriers faster and with greater ease, and an automatic network. A return to work community is great because you have so much to talk about with regards to skills, experience, shared struggles. Moreover, if you speak to fellow professionals, you’ll talk about yourself in a more professional manner than if you were talking to your spouse or friends. 

There’s nothing like having a community of cheerleader to egg you on

Your group will also help you see the professional world differently, a career break may cause you to have certain misconceptions about the workplace and how things have changed, not only you will be equipped to deal with this, but you will have cheerleaders to spur you on. Moreover, it’s easy when you decide to come back in your head, rather than telling someone about it. Accountability is a key factor in making things happen, when you tell your community, you are more likely to get it done. Last but not the least, know that having a group is an instant network that you tap into any time to find really good job opportunities you might not have found otherwise. This group of people knows you best and a great job offer can come from anywhere. 

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Image credit: Unsplash

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