How to Stifle Your Inner Critic When Your Thinking of Returning to Work

After a great moment of professional epiphany, you want to return to work and have created a beautiful career trajectory to make this happen, you’re ready to take the first step, but you hear someone say “are you sure you can do it?” “You’re probably not qualified enough.” “Maybe this is not the right time.” Oftentimes, the person who says these things is you, and no matter how many times you choose not to listen to that cruel critic living comfortably inside your head, that niggling voice is still there. The only way forward is to stifle it. But how you may ask? Well, every superhero AKA you, needs a weapon to vanquish that villain and so do you. 

Your inner critic is a good liar

You need to know that your inner critic feeds on your fears and insecurities and vice versa; it’s a vicious circle. While this part of our brain has protected mankind since the beginning, back when we were cave people, it is now stopping is realizing our potential at the workplace. While your inner dialectics may safeguard you from harm, it can also turn into a cage that you cannot break free from. You need to find the balance to know when to fly and when to fight.

Crush negative self talk with the truth

Hence, use the truth to deal with it. Take a look at your past achievements, revisit your skills, and get in touch with your former colleagues or managers and ask for professional feedback. These are great when you are being plagued with self-doubt and it will help clear your mind and lift your spirits. There’s nothing like substantial evidence, so keep a folder of these so that you always have it around for those low days. It will also help you address certain weaknesses with confidence. 

Find your superpower

Everyone has a superpower, yes, everyone. You just need to find yours, and a career break is a great time to rediscover yourself to find what makes you stand out from the crowd. Your superpowers are a great weapon to silence your inner “mean girl”. 

Connect with people who will pick you up

The people around you will either lift you up or tear you down and they all they need to use is, their words. Hence, build a great support system for yourself with people who will help you every step of the way. People who will cheer you on throughout your career comeback.

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