You Must Know This If You Are On a Career Break & Looking to Come Back

A majority of women who take career breaks are looking to get back to the workforce as soon a possible, however, this is easier said than done. Why? Reality. The truth is that many women lose touch with the professional world to a large extent that getting back can be an uphill task, but if you are one of them, don’t fear. There’s a lot you can do starting right now to get a headstart if you are in the middle of a break at the moment. The key is to stay engaged even if you are on your way to becoming a mother or even looking after a family member or getting your health back on track.

Read Read Read

Set aside some time each day to ready up on all the latest news, emerging trends, mergers, companies, etc related to your domain, whether it’s finance, marketing, or the law. Every industry is rapidly changing and you want to ensure that you know what is happening; if someone is talking about the next big thing in your sector, you should know about it. This way you’ll also stay slightly ahead of the curve when you want to return to work. A good scour through the internet is a great way to start, news, blogs, etc.

Make Your Online Presence Known

Start “friending” your classmates from college and all those old colleagues you may have lost touch with, you’ll thank us later. Did you know a majority of jobs are gotten through referrals? It could come from anyone, a friend, a family member, someone from your old workplace, even an acquaintance. Even something as simple as liking and commenting on posts can get you a foot in the door. Isn’t that what people on a break want? Another reason is that there is always someone, who knows someone who can give you a job opportunity. 

Figure Out What You Want Next

One of the biggest advantages of a career break is having the time to reflect and figure out what you really want to do once you decide to get back to work. Do a career assessment of yourself to know whether your interests or skills have changed so you can find out what you really enjoy doing. When you know want you want to do, it’s so much easier to return to work because you’ll find a job that you love and are passionate about rather than just run around in circles all day every day. 

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