4 Fundamental Tips for Women Returning to Work After a Break

Caregiving is the number one reason why women leave the workforce in India and although many of them desire to return to the workforce, it’s easier said than done. The good news is that many companies are opening their doors to women who want a comeback, but women need to be ready to take on their careers with gusto and the right tools to make the transition successful. Yes, most of us are working from home, but that doesn’t mean one can be laid back about work. Take hold of this opportunity and grab it by the horns!

Be confident

Never underestimate the power of confidence, it speaks volumes and it could catapult you to bagging your dream career. Therefore, don’t apologize for your career break because let’s admit that if you took a break, it was for a good reason, and now that you want to return to work, why beat yourself up? In our society, it’s very easy for women to self-deprecate, but we need to replace this with self-confidence. Confidence is the most important aspect of yourself you can bring to the interview and today, even though these are virtual, a lot can be conveyed from screen to screen.

Dress the part

Aren’t we applying for a work from home job? What’s the point, you may be thinking, however, the fact is that your appearance does matter and it shows that you are willing to put in that extra effort towards your career. A simply professional outfit will also make you feel more ready to take on your interview and work. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe, invest in a few classic pieces you can mix and match to create a capsule work wardrobe. Remember that even though everything is virtual, you still have to make efforts.

Update your resume

Your CV/Resume must display that you are confident in yourself, not to mention that you also need to use the current terminologies to showcase your skills and experiences. You don’t want to hide your career gap, you need to highlight your strengths.

Reconnect with your network

If you have lost touch with your former workplace and colleagues, now is the time to do so. Drop them a message and if they have some time to connect, set up a call, so you can reconnect. Put yourself out there. Moreover, you can also join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your role, so that you stay up-to-date with current and emerging trends.

Image credit: Entrepreneur

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