Got Inclusion on Your Mind? Here Are Some Vital Points to Consider

“Action is everything!” You might really care about something, but if you don’t act upon it, the care becomes meaningless, because “caring” is more than a mere feeling, it’s a verb and therefore, begs action. Based on what the world is feeling, there is a lot that needs to be done in terms of inclusion in the workplace. However, let’s admit that it can get overwhelming for organizations because many of them don’t even know where to start. How about here? These 6 points will ensure you have the vitals down so that you can go on your diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) journey. 

Ask yourself why you want to boost inclusion

DEI is not one more thing you have to do at the company to make it successful, another item on your list because “you have to do it”. You need to be clear on why you are doing this and what you want to achieve. Many organizations simply get on the bandwagon because they don’t want to seem like they don’t care. Start by listening to a diverse group of people and understand that privilege can play a big role in getting a job and a certain kind of role. More beyond gender diversity to people from different races, religions, ages, and abilities. 

Watch the workforce

Monitor the people who are working at the company. Look for gaps in representation from entry-level to the executive. Are you missing out on talent from a certain group? Are there any barriers that you can overcome? Putting a team together to analyze loopholes that many be hiding in plain sight is another way to get a fresh perspective.  

Approach hiring differently

Start with reframing your job advertisements and remove words that include only a certain type of person. Reach out to organizations that are creating a diverse talent pool for corporate jobs. Your potential candidates should know that you stand for DEI and the reasons why. Eliminate bias by blind hiring. 

Actively encourage inclusion principles

This is the perfect time to promote your principles on DEI. Look at the way you make decisions, are they unilateral? Or do you ask your employees what they think about certain issues and topics that need to be discussed? A short survey or an engaging session can be a great starting point. 

Keep assessing and updating

Keep on tweaking your strategies to always stay on top of your DEI game. Research, brainstorm, ask for feedback because there is always room for learning. “Keep an open mind and keep learning by asking feedback. Asking anonymous feedback empowers people to share more on what they would like to see changes in the workplace. I feel that we still have so much to learn. Keeping our workplace inclusive isn’t just a checklist enforced via committee, it’s a continuous journey to learn and improve,” said Gianluca Binelli, CEO at Booster Box Digital. 

Consider the new normal

Finally, in all decisions, take the new normal into account. Make your hiring and onboarding processes virtual. Are the roles offered adapted to working from home? Can people work on their own hours?

No one and no company is perfect, however, that does not mean you don’t have to strive towards it. 

Image credit: Energy Resourcing

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