Tech Webinar: Leading Tech Transformation for Your Business With Poonam Kale

Imagine going through a pandemic without your beloved Amazon, Netflix, Zomato, Uber and how can we forget, good old YouTube. Well, let’s just say that a majority of us would rather not have such a wild imagination, because let’s be honest, apps run our lives, rather than the other way round. Did you know that way back in 1990, only 1 million people owned mobile phones, while today, the numbers are at about 6 billion and counting? Also, it used to take less than a minute for Google to complete a search, if that happened today, we’ll all be tossing our devices out of the window, because we will not accept anything more than 0.2 seconds.

There is a need for real-time, intuitive, secure, more self-service, open and highly automated approach, in order to give a delightful customer experience and stay tuned to this fast-moving digital world

Modern life is so intertwined with technology today, that, not a single industry has been left untouched by it and for those who haven’t got on the tech bandwagon, they are being left behind. Take the once-famous Kodak, remember the “Kodak moment”; how many people even use that phrase? This should tell us a lot about what makes a company obsolete in today’s times because there is so much at stake. To shed more light on the tech industry, Poonam Kale, Sr Director, Product Development – Cloud Applications, IoT, Reporting/Analytics at BMC Software shared her perspective in our tech webinar. Tying together the need for extreme automation, in-built intelligence, and improved user experience across industries, there is a lot that can be done in the enterprise segment including IT management.

Upskill with latest technologies using an outcome-oriented approach and also consider lateral paths like product management, services/consulting, pre-sales and more

Taking this quote from Jeff Bezos as inspiration, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room,” tech professionals must focus on how the user experience can be enhanced to delight your customers. This should be the ultimate goal and this can be achieved by leveraging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, hyper-automation which is on par with Amazon, Google, Linkedin, and other top companies. An approach of being outcome-oriented will automatically lead to choosing the right technology enabler and would get tech professionals immersed themselves in understanding AI, ML, Robotics, IoT, RPA, and cloud computing which is obviously the future of tech. With regards to upskilling, some of the lateral paths to R&D are product management, services/consulting, and pre-sales, but this list is not exhaustive.

Going digital is an investment and will cut costs in the future

Although some argue that during this pandemic, many companies are cutting their IT budgets, according to Poonam, COVID-19 will become a driver of technology, adversity will give a further boost to innovation, new thinking, and hence, going digital should be the priority. Just look at what the pandemic has done to online learning, video conferencing platforms and this should tell a lot about what adversity can do to tech innovation. Companies must embrace digitization because even though the cost of this may seem high initially, it is an investment and will result in not only controlled costs in the future but a high-value realization. Poonam suggests, think about the delightful, novel user experience you want to offer to your customers and technology will follow automatically.

Image credit: LinkedIn, Unsplash

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