BackToTheFront Academy: Your Gateway to Return to Work

If you are on a career break and thinking of getting back, you must be familiar with the ‘where to start?’ dilemma. The overwhelm of figuring out which companies would hire you, how to get your resume in shape, how to prepare for the interview, what questions will you be asked and the list is endless. There is also the niggling self-doubt of whether you would be able to manage the transition back with ease.

The BackToTheFront Academy is a first-ever 12-week initiative to enable prepare women who are looking to return to work. The initiative by Thiinkequal|Woman At Work is based on our decade-long experience of hiring and powering learning for women professionals for the corporate world.

Education, exposure, and experience to prepare for the transition, all at your fingertips

If there’s one thing that all women on a career break want when returning to work, it’s the confidence to take the first step and the support from their family members. The academy is designed to enable you to leverage your personal brand and power to handle biases, manage the guilt-mongers in your life, and prepare you and your family to handle the change. Experts will help you build your resume and you will be connected to mentors for career advice so you are covered on all fronts. Also, peer learning and being a part of the tribe is a key ingredient of success for returnships. And all this virtually via an app for any time, anywhere learning.

Get placement assistance, a graduation certificate and a program-end assessment by industry experts

The Academy will assist in providing successful graduates with placement interviews with leading corporates in the country looking for talented women. You will also get a graduation certificate and a program-end assessment by industry experts. So get ready to get back to work with confidence!

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