5 Practical Time Management Habits That Will Revolutionize Your Life 

Everyone may have 24 hours, but not everyone has the ability to utilize them. This is where time management comes into play. Time management is about making the best out of the 24 hours that you have. It boils down to a mindset of focusing on your priorities, goals, and objectives for a specific time period – a week, a day, or even an hour.

Here are a few habits to inculcate in your life:

1 Planning in advance

The planning process for a project, your workday, or even a vacation is tedious in itself. People spend hours on end planning the perfect vacation or even a week of work but then they lack in executing the same plan they spent hours on. You have to fall in love with planning in advance. On a day to day basis you are faced with tasks you would rather not do (usually difficult tasks) and this mindset just accelerates your procrastination abilities. Before your day begins or even the night before- prepare to do the toughest or the most time-consuming tasks first. Usually, tough tasks become more challenging to complete throughout the day as projects, deadlines, and emergency items pile up. So a good rule is to clear out the tough tasks first.

2 Achieving peace of mind

Create your life as you wind down for the day so that you are ready to take on tasks the next day. You are more likely to rest and relax more knowing that your following day is well-planned.

3 Activate your subconscious mind

You trigger your subconscious mind while enjoying your slumber. As you have created a list for the following day, your subconscious mind works on that list while you sleep. It turns the challenges and problems over and over like a rotisserie and eventually comes up with strategies and solutions.

4 Assemble everything that is needed

After you have mapped your day or a project, gather all the materials that will help you start and complete your project. For example, if you are working on a work project; gather all your research sheets, books, and laptop, place all the material on your work station so that you won’t have to waste your time searching for the things all around the place. This organization saves a lot of time and energy of yours.

5 Achieve Flow

Flow is a practice that requires lots of patience and determination but if you are able to achieve it, there’s nothing like it. What is Flow? Flow is often described as a mental state in which people experience complete immersion and involvement in an activity. Things seem to happen almost effortlessly and time seems to disappear while in this state. Athletes often refer to this state of mind as being “in the zone.” To achieve Flow, your goals should be clear, you can divide them into two categories, micro (goals that are to be achieved in a day’s or weeks’ time) and macro (ultimate goals). Avoid all distractions, our phones are the biggest distraction which always gets in our way, so put your phone on airplane mode or switch it off, work at a place where there is complete silence and you are sure no one will disturb you. This will help you focus and concentrate better. Ultimately, focus on the process and not the end state. While having a goal is important, flow requires enjoying the journey and not just fixating on the end product. Allow yourself to simply live in the present moment without worrying too much about the ultimate outcome of your efforts.

Image credit: Unsplash

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