Work-life Integration Beats Work-life Balance Says This Life Coach

After 12 years of working in the corporate sector, Namita Sinha decided to make the life-changing decision to become a life coach. Sparked by her then 3-year-old daughter who needed a friend in her parent, today she is a full-time life coach who is a frequent contributor to platforms like Thrive Global and International Coaching News.

Helps people unlock their potential

Quashing all misconceptions of what life coaching really entails, she helps people discover their own solutions rather than coaching or mentoring them, which is a misconception. A life coach isn’t an advisor, and according to her, far from it. It actually involves helping people to become more aware of themselves, both their capacities and shortcomings. Dealing with both professional and personal lives of people, she engages in conversations that help unlock people and their potential. ‘Life coaching helps clients see for themselves and understand where exactly they stand, where they need to go, and what can they do to bridge this gap. It also helps clients build action plans and act on the same,’ she says. However, one of her focal points in to tap into people emotional intelligence quotient or EQ, teaching them more about self-awareness.

Different aspects of life must co-exist with each other

Moreover, her philosophy on alignment rather than balance is a great insight on how people manage their personal and professional lives. Life cannot be separated into parts, our personality is a combination of many and she says, she says, ‘We tend to view our work as not just a means of livelihood but as a part of our own personality. When we talk about balance, people try to treat their work separately from other aspects of their life. Rather if you can do something where you can get both of them together. So there is no harm in a person sitting at work trying to manage his home responsibilities, or a person at home trying to talk out his problems at work. So I evangelize the idea that all aspects of our life travel parallel, where everything needs to come together so as to co-exist.’

About a decade ago, the very concept of a life coach was redundant, however, today, we see a different story thanks to the demands of daily life, realizing the need for people like Namita Sinha who work hard to transform the lives of others.

Image credit: Indian women blog

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