Mika & Ginny Brzezinski Urge Women to Start Their Comeback Career

After just having turned 50, Ginny Brzezinski texted her sister in law for some advice since she was doing a job that she didn’t enjoy, “I had been hit by my kids leaving for college. I just turned 50, I was in a job I wasn’t happy with and I just thought ‘I’ve got to find something new to do for the next 20 years but I don’t know how. What does that look like when you’re in your fifties,” said Ginny. This story has been the inspiration for her new book with her sister-in-law, Mika Brzezinski to help women bounce back after a career break or even during a career change. For Ginny, changing her career was the ultimate step out of her comfort zone and the duo are now encouraging women to take the plunge, even if you are an older woman. 

Promotions and opportunities become more scarce as women grow older

Whether you are a man or woman, changing your career is never an easy thing to do and for women, this can be harder because women are more likely to drop out of the workforce and press the pause button on their careers. Hence, when they reach the mid-point of their professional life, they find that the promotions and the work opportunities start drying up. Moreover, there are many studies that show ageism is a bigger problem than gender bias in the workplace and many older women are soon becoming irrelevant in their job. Hence, women are feeling a different sort of pressure at work at the midpoint of their career, “It’s the voices in their head that feel judgmental for the choices they’ve made — that judgment may be for their age. And sometimes they get paralyzed with fear,” said Mika Brzezinski. Their book “Comeback Careers” aims to help such women to make their own way and find themselves in a rapidly changing ecosystem. As a result, women find their confidence and have less fear to get back in the game.

Women must make the most of their empty nests at home and fuel their confidence

Comeback Careers challenges women to see a host of opportunities in their “empty nests” by seeing it as a career perk. “What could be more refreshing for a future employer to hear than ‘I’m done with my kids, they’re grown up, I’ve done my caregiving. All that drama is behind us when we’re in our fifties and we’ve still got this long runway,” said Mika. So, women need to make the most of this and find their passion to help fuel their confidence, but they also need to upgrade their skills in order to compete with younger workers because technology changes so often that people have to constantly keep learning. Ginny Brzezinski eventually decided to leave her 12-year Capitol Hill press career and got into real estate so that she can work flexibly and after years of dreaming of a perfect career, she hs also added the title of best-selling author to her designation. One of the focal points of the book has also been to call out the “BS of workplace sexism” and to help women grab their career by the horns and showing the world what they have to offer. 

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