Rekindle 2.0 By Amazon Strives to Boost Women’s Career Comeback

Joining the bandwagon of companies attempting to actively take action against the attrition of women in the workforce, Amazon recently announced that its newest initiative, ‘Rekindle 2.0’ will be a massive boon to women who are returning to work after a career break to rebuild their corporate careers. The program will be available to women who have taken a minimum of 12 months of time away from work and who have work experience that will match the openings at Amazon. This initiative first began as a pilot project back in 2016 was now relaunched with various other aspects like onboarding, focused mentoring, flexible work options and on-the-job learning in order to make women’s comeback smoother than ever.

“A diverse workforce is integral to the growth of the company and the growth of the economy”

Peer-learning circles will play an active role in Rekindle 2.0 which will ensure that women will be able to bridge their skill gaps in both technical and non-technical roles. “A diverse workforce is integral to the growth of the company and the growth of the economy. It fosters new ways of thinking, innovation and reaching out to a wider range of customers and growing your business. We are consistently driving mechanisms to engage, retain and develop the best builders of all backgrounds at Amazon. While we have women taking in key roles across the organizations, there is always a need to create more opportunities across our businesses and leadership roles. 

This is not the first time Amazon has encouraged diversity

Through unique initiatives like Rekindle 2.0, we are providing an opportunity to women who were on a career break to resume their corporate careers through structured on-boarding, focused mentoring and on the job learning,” said Deepti Varma, director of HR, India and the Middle East, Amazon. Candidates will have to go through telephonic interviews and multiple face-to-face interviews and based on their performance they will be able to secure a role in the company. This is not the first time this corporate behemoth has made strides in the realm of empowering women and encouraging diversity in their branches all over the world and hence this is a welcome addition to their former diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Image credit: TechCrunch

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