Women Are Really Better Of When They Have a Strong Female Backing

“Girlfriends”, “girl squad”, “tribe of women”, whatever you want to call them, it turns out that women in fact do better when they have a supportive group of friends who strengthen each other. “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women,” said Madeleine Albright, and if women don’t help other women, they are actually making the lives of women a little “hellish”. Furthermore, research proves this to be true in a study published in the Harvard Business Review stated that women who have a strong circle of friends are more likely to bag executive positions, not to mention higher pay.

It’s like having a road map to help you get through life as a woman because it sure isn’t easy

“Women who were in the top quartile of centrality and had a female-dominated inner circle of 1-3 women landed leadership positions that were 2.5 times higher in authority and pay than those of their female peers lacking this combination,” writes Brian Uzzi in the Harvard Business Review. The biggest reason why women are more successful when they have other women supporting them is that they can turn to them for advice and can also help unburden their mental stress. Women, in general, have a lot of shared experiences with each other, like experiencing sexism and hence, they can help each other navigate life the many phases of life, particularly, the professional arena; it’s like having a road map to help you get through life as a woman because it sure isn’t easy. It’s not just the workplace because a study in 2006 found that women who had 10 or more friends were more likely to survive cancer than women who lacked close friends. Also, socially isolated women were 64% more likely to die from cancer; friendship is great medicine, after all.

For too long women have been pitted against each other

Therefore, women should never underestimate the power of having good female friends like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “A woman is like a teabag—you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” So, this means that when you put more than one tea bag, that tea is definitely going to get stronger and this also translates to real life. Today, in the workplace and from the professional point of view Indian women are struggling to stay in the workforce and don’t you think if they receive ample support from their female family members and friends, things will change. For too long, the Indian women have been subject to the dreaded mother-in-law/daughter-in-law drama, also known as the saas-bahu saga; how wonderful would it be if your mother-in-law was part of your female tribe? Everyone regardless of their gender needs support and women need it to and when women bring another down, it doesn’t make them rise higher. Also, for too long have women been pitted against each other and have even been taught to get ahead even if it means bringing another female down, however, studies like these are proving them all to be wrong. Women do need each other, just like everybody needs somebody. 

Image credit: Redbook

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