What Kareena Kapoor’s Bandhgala Suit is Saying About Indian Women

Sporting a royal blue bandhgala suit in late December with gold brooches that looked like military decorations and sky-high stilettos Kareena Kapoor created quite the buzz in the Indian fashion scene, not to mention on Instagram too. Since then, the designer of the outfit Raghavendra Rathore has been receiving countless requests for his exquisitely tailored bandhgalas by women. Interestingly, he is most famous for his bandhgalas for men which are synonymous with regality and this can be traced to his roots in the erstwhile royal family of Jodhpur. However, a woman donning a bandhgala which has been a staple in men’s fashion is quite a thing and a new trend celebrating and promoting female sovereignty and far from traditional feminine Indian women’s fashion.

It speaks of women rising in rank all across the country

The timing of such an androgynous piece of clothing is anything but random because women today are not the ones of old who were only defined by their roles of mother, sister, wife, and daughter, however today, women, both young and old are raising their voices and opinions without inhibitions. One may think that an Indian woman donning a bandhgala suit is just a fashion statement but on the contrary, it speaks of women rising in rank all across the country. 

India now has a bespoke power suit of its own for women

Furthermore, from the point of view of global fashion, the power suit has become a red carpet staple with all the top celebrities from Angelina Jolie to Charlize Theron choosing to wear a suit rather than your typical evening gown. However, India didn’t have a bespoke power suit of its own and now the bandhgala is making the same waves the women’s tuxedo is making. Why do women always have to wear a sari, a dress or a flouncy skirt; both Indian and androgynous, the bandhgala suit is something that is not going anywhere, particularly from the point of view of women’s fashion. 

Fashion has always been dynamic, but the men’s suit has always remained a classic style statement in all its avatars, and similarly, even though the bandhgala has taken on many versions over the years, it still remains a staple in men’s wardrobes. Now being dubbed a gender-inclusive pice of clothing, countless Bollywood stars other than Kareen Kapoor have also been seeing sporting it. From Sonam Kapoor to Malaika Arora, these celebrities are reinventing what it means to dress like a woman and it is wonderful to see the change. 

Image credit: LatestLY

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