MG Motor India Launches Program to Support Women’s Career Comebacks

It’s a milestone for MG Motor India as it recently announced that it would help support women who came back to work after a career break with the ‘Drive Her Back’ initiative so that their qualified women workers can return to work with ease. This returnship program also aims to create a diverse pool of talent in the Indian branch of the company and will also provide training, networks, skill development, and the best internal mentors to help them thrive in the workplace. A great move by the automative company who has really taken into consideration that when Indian women take career breaks, they often don’t come back to work and MG Motor India really wants to change this.

They want top-performing women to be absorbed within their payroll

“Through the ‘Drive Her Back’ campaign, we are assisting women looking to reclaim their space in the corporate corridors. Diversity and inclusion are the fundamentals of a successful business and as an organization, MG endeavors to build a culture that supports these two critical aspects,” said Rajeev Chaba, president, MG Motor India. The program which will be one year long invites women to resume their careers if they have two or more years of experience and women who have experience in technical, strategic and commercially-focused projects are also eligible to apply for this. Once women complete the program, they will create an analysis of their cumulative experience so that top-performing women can be absorbed within the payroll of the company. Moreover, MG Motor’s collaboration with JobsForHer, an online job portal for women will ensure that women are exposed to various other employment opportunities. “Women are an integral part of the workforce at our company and hold key positions across various critical business functions. MG believes that women resuming work after a career break must be given adequate support to successfully streamline their transition,” revealed Yeshwinder Patial, director of human resources, MG Motor India.

MG Motor is the most gender-diverse automotive company in the world

Today, the automotive company has become synonymous with innovation, diversity, experiences, and community which they say are their four key pillars and in 2020, women comprise 31 percent of the entire global workforce, which has made it the most gender-diverse company in the automotive sector. ‘The carmaker’s drive to create a diverse talent pool of highly passionate women professionals whose skills can cater to the organizational needs’ falls in line with its commitment to its core values of diversity and community,’ said the company.’ This is not the first time Morris Garages set an example of taking practical steps to drive diversity, particularly in India. In January 2020, it inducted young women professionals under ‘Genesis’ a program that set out to train young women all across the country. “As an organization, our commitment to empowering women reflects in the number of women employees that are a part of the MG Motor India family. Through ‘Genesis’, we want to continue maintaining a healthy diversity in our workforce by providing better employment opportunities to women from semi-urban and rural areas. The success of the pilot batch motivates us to continue giving women access to career opportunities with the company,” said Gaurav Gupta, chief commercial officer.

Image credit: MG Motor India

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