Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions, Says Supermodel Karlie Kloss

She aims to inspire an entire generation of girls and young women to be tech-savvy in every way, however, her real goal is much greater than simply this. Supermodel Karlie Kloss non-profit coding camp for girls, Kode With Klossy is something that has taken the US by storm and few would have thought that someone who continues to rule the fashion world would be able to achieve this and so much more. After all, models aren’t supposed to be geeks, but she has broken the model stereotype and is encouraging women to fuel their curiosity.

Young girls are as curious as young boys, she says

Neither is she a “former model” or someone who “used to walk the runway”, Kloss still continues to be very much part of the fashion industry and has heard all the criticism before. “There are a lot of misconceptions about being a model, and how that directly correlates to your intellect. Yes, I’m a model, yes, I’m a woman, and, yes, I’m interested in these areas. And I think a lot of other young women are interested in these areas, too, and they deserve the opportunity to learn about them and decide for themselves if they belong or not,” she says. On the other hand, she never claims to be an expert in coding, but rather a perpetual learner of the craft. She does not want to be defined by the expectations of others and does not want to be put into the box of “fashion model” and “coding geek”. Throughout her journey with Koding With Klossy, she found that young girls are just as curious as young boys, but they apologize when they ask so many questions to instructors. “Do not apologize. That’s what they’re here for. You should always ask your questions,” she says. 

Why are certain people perceived as super smart, primarily men?

Like dog years, she felt that she had become a veteran in the fashion industry at just age 21, having walked countless shows and featured on hundreds of magazine covers and helmed so many campaigns for many of the best brands in the world. Like many, she was amazed by the advancements in technology but became frustrated because she didn’t understand it. She thought, “Why do certain people know how to scale businesses and ideas and problem-solving? What is it that certain people — primarily men, and primarily highly intellectual men, or at least men who are perceived to be super smart — are privy to that the rest of the world isn’t?” As someone who loves to study, she decided to take up coding and found that her opinions started to change and wondered if other women felt the same way. With quite an audience on social media, Kloss wanted to open the same opportunities for young girls and set them in a direction that would change their lives. “Like with any business, you focus on an area you understand. And as you grow, identify who else out there is doing good work, and figure out how you can align to better accomplish your goals,” she says.

Image credit: Fast Company

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