The 1st Indian Woman to Head a Major Hollywood Production House

Known for her films Before the Rains, Kaminey, Parambha and more Mubina Rattonsey is now known for being the first Indian woman to head a major production house called Zero Gravity. Interestingly, she does not have a formal educational background in film but found her passion in production after graduating in business and working for an advertising agency. 

She wants to create collaboration between Indian filmmakers and international ones

“During my time there, all I could think of was my desire to tell stories on the big screen, in the form of movies. I looked for opportunities to work on content that had a heart and soul,” she said. Starting off as a runner on the sets of films, she set her sights on becoming an assistant director so that someday she could maker become an independent director of a film. Her Hollywood production house, Zero Gravity, “develops, packages and produces a slate of high-end, content-driven commercial projects and feature films to studios and major independent distributors worldwide,” and also, “houses a consortium of integrated film development, production, post-production companies.” Rattonsey’s aim is to create amazing collaborations between filmmakers from India and across the world and to bring to light stories from the fringes to the mainstream into the Hollywood industry. Together with her co-owners Rohini Singh, Manmeet Singh, and Armaan Zorace, she wants to empower women and give them a voice in the industry and amplify it.

She wants to strike a gender balance within the industry

“At our company, we have an equal balance of power. We find a compelling need to bring about awareness and help allow flexibility at various levels of movie-making. We intend to build and shape the narrative, strike an overall gender balance and empower fearless filmmakers – Indians of all ethnicities worldwide,” she adds. As a woman entrepreneur, she believes that women who want to get into business must take risks because the safe path will no always work. One must become vulnerable and put that self forward. “We will fall and fail many times, but eventually, we’ll find the ability within ourselves to build, create and empower. What’s important is that we stay fair through that journey and allow the movie to be the star and to get the glory,” she advises. As a lover of action films and science fiction, she is also a huge fan of Women and DC comics and hopes that others like her will also have a dream to get into film and production. Garnering $100 million in investments, she wants to push the envelope and tell the stories of ordinary people with extraordinary stories. 

Image credit: Cinema Express

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