Sexist Doctors Are Proving That Workplaces Still Penalize Women

When it comes to healthcare, women are getting a raw deal at work and women from marginalized communities are suffering the most and did you know that the gender gap in healthcare across the world is contributing to the unequal treatment of women in this sector. Also, there is the glass ceiling at the highest of levels in healthcare and again a pay disparity among the highest-paid male and female earners. 

Healthcare does not provide childcare, hence women to work part-time

There is a huge need for change in terms of policies in the healthcare system and even though some of them might be set in place, healthcare companies and services need to ensure that they invest in them to assist their female workforce. One of the biggest concerns in India and even the developed world is the lack of childcare for employees and did you know that the UK has one of the world’s most expensive childcare costs? This penalizes women because they are then forced to take up part-time work and take on unpaid childcare while men are free to work full time as well as take on the night shift; everyone knows that the latter pays more than part-time and day shifts. The bigger picture also reveals more loopholes like the lack of good public transport because safer and affordable mobility means that women can have more access to better-paid jobs even though they have to travel a distance. 

Women are handed the leftovers of the healthcare system due to male drug trials

Moreover, the low numbers of women in healthcare are giving rise to more sexism in the industry because, how many men can fully understand the health problems of women. From chronic pain to reproductive problems and even clinical trials, women are losing out on the best treatments for their conditions because of the lack of knowledge of how women’s bodies work differently. For generations, it was always thought that women and men’s bodies work similarly except for the reproductive system, however, this is no longer true since countless research is showing that even the average drug manifests itself differently in men and women. Also, heart attacks in both men and women show different symptoms; men may have obvious symptoms like chest pain, while in women it could just be fatigue. Hence, to ensure that women aren’t handed the leftovers of the healthcare system, including the pay disparity and the lack of childcare, the system needs to wake from its slumber and take some action. Or we might go back hundreds of years where all doctors were only men and then had no idea about women’s health and branded everything as female “hysteria”.

Image credit: Coding in the Wild

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