Meghan Markle Wants Men to Be Involved in Gender Equality Talks

“You can’t have a conversation of women’s empowerment with just women,” says Meghan Markle and she’s not wrong. Now together with Prince Harry, she wants to unite men and women for the cause of women’s empowerment and to make a real change while attending the One Young World Summit. 

Women hold the key to changing the world, but, men mustn’t be left on the sidelines

“What you’re all capable of doing independently is incredible but then when you work collectively, our intention today is to try to create somewhat of a task force to see what we can do within our communities and then use that knowledge to apply it to whatever is happening in all these other communities,” said Markle, making the case for the involvement of men. Prince Harry crashed the party and made a surprise appearance, the duke has been a passionate spokesperson for the causes of equality since the year 2013. Markle has been known to be a champion of equality since her Hollywood days and more recently she even visited the University of Johannesburg to talk about gender equality in the education system together with the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). She agrees that the empowerment of women creates an impact on the entire community and therefore, women do hold the key to changing the world, however, men mustn’t be left on the sidelines. 

Leaving men out of the conversation is not a recipe for progress

“The goal here is to be able to have gender equality, to be able to support women as they are working in research and higher roles. And also to be able to have workshops, convene things that are really helping people understand the importance of gender equality,” she also added. Branded a feminist, Prince Harry is also famous for supporting various women’s charities and organizations like Tomorrow’s Women Wirral, based in Birkenhead. Much of today’s conversation on gender equality are led by women for women and it’s time that men too join in the conversation because it is something that is affecting everyone, not just women. Leaving men out of the conversation is not a recipe for progress and change since both men and women need to talk openly about these issues. We do not live in a gender-segregated society and therefore, communities must follow Markle’s philosophy of opening the door of gender discussion to men as well.

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