Professional Indian Women are Holding Men to a Higher Standard

Many things are changing in India and so are standards of what is acceptable to Indian women. Even a few years ago, single women above the age of 30 were considered the refuse of a family, however, today a financially independent, more single women are being respected and are boasted about by their families. Moreover, women are not ashamed to shun men when it comes to romantic relationships because they want something more than just financial security; they want them to bring equality to the table. 

Women are making educated decisions about their romantic partners

While no Indian man wants to hear it, the truth is that Indian men never scored well on the global desirability index and in 2007 author Mukul Kesavan wrote in a price titled, The Ugly Indian Man, “Why are Indian men like this? How do they achieve the bullet-proof unselfconsciousness that allows them to be so abandonedly ugly? I think it comes from a sense of entitlement that’s hard-wired into every male child that grows up in an Indian household. That, and the not unimportant fact that, despite the way they look, they’re always paired off with good-looking women.” Now, more than a decade later, much of this still holds true and little has changed when it comes to the average Indian male. Moreover, social media has also shown the true mindset of Indian men and even some of the most educated Indian men would barely even wash up a coffee mug at home; there’s a mom; wife, a housemaid for that, right?

Why is it okay for a man to have a great job and not know his own kitchen?

In a Quora question that went viral, one Indian man asked, “My wife-to-be earns 4.5 Lpa and I draw 20 LPA. She expects me to help her. I told her “marry a guy who earns 4.5 Lpa, he will do whatever you demand.” Why should a husband share household chores if his wife doesn’t earn even half of his salary?” A large number of the population of Indian men think it’s perfectly appropriate to not know their way around the kitchen because they have a good job, however, if women have a great job, they are still expected to come home and fix a meal for their family. Quartz says, “What makes this even more tragic and frustrating is that women are working hard on their education throughout their childhood and teenage years. In hyper-competitive India, they outnumber men in several courses, including medicine and science.’ Therefore, more working women are choosing to remain single rather than marry someone who will force them to stay at home and cook when they want to go to work. 

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