Founder of Dragonfly360 Bring Celebs & Politicians to Fight for Equality

Held in Bangkok, Thailand, the inauguration of Dragonfly360 WO=MEN Summit was used as a platform to put gender equality at the forefront in Asia. With stars like Maggie Q and Jameela Jamil paving the way for equality, there is still a lot to be done in Thailand, where even though women hold leadership positions, they still experience a lot of workplace discrimination. 

This event is roping in both men and women to tackle gender issues

“Patriarchal values and social norms keep gender inequalities alive. For centuries, women in Asia have been viewed as the weaker, more vulnerable gender. They have been rendered inferior, not necessarily with their consent, but with considerable help from patriarchal social constructs,” said Pranapda Phornprapha, founder of Dragonfly360, a platform that is being used to promote equality in the country and other parts of Asia. The Dragonfly360 Wo=Men Summit brought together social activists, corporate leaders, influencers and policy-makers from various parts of Southeast Asia to have conversations about equality other social movements. What is unique about this event is that they are roping in both men and women to help make them aware of gender issues and try to help them become catalysts of change by encouraging them to participate. Moreover, Dragonfly 360 also aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the Southeast Asian corporate world so that they will be able to confront and combat their culture’s deep misogyny. 

Each generation must pave a positive way for the one that is to come

“I choose the word Dragonfly360 because dragonflies are acrobats of the sky. They can fly upside down, turn 360 degrees on a dime, and fly more than 55kph. They can even fly backward with as much skill as they fly forward. This also translates into our philosophy of 360-degree social impact where we encourage dialogue and connection between the public, government, and private sector,” revealed Pranapda. She also aims to bring the platform to places starting with Singapore, all while planning gatherings where people can connect with one another and engage in social workshops. According to her, each generation must pave a positive way for the one that is to come and the more people stand up and speak up about equality, the more society will advance towards a better future. 

Image credit: The BigChilli

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