Despite the Gender Wage Gap, Women are Passionate At Work Than Men

On average women are being paid 8.6 percent less than men and this number differs from country to country, however, in spite of this discrimination, professional women are happier and more enthusiastic about their job than men. This research revealed that about 44.6 percent of women were happy at work ‘quite often or most of the time’ as compared to 34.5 percent of men at work.

Women and men look at their job from different perspectives

Interestingly, when the study looked at employees who seldom feel happy and proud of their work, men scored higher in this category than women, about 6.4 percent. However, men are still more keen to get to work every morning than women and one of the reasons for this could be that men acknowledged and praised for the work that they do, more than women. However, with regards to frontline employees, the motivation to go to work every day is the same for both men and women and this only changes when they both move up to managerial levels. The study also showed that men didn’t value recognition as much as women; 39.8 percent of men felt that they should be valued more at work than 47.2 percent of women. Now for the paycheque aspect, both men and women felt that earning more would make them feel happy at work; 60.9 percent of men and 63.3 percent women.

The gender wage gap makes both men and women unhappy at work

“A significant gender pay gap still exists in many companies between men and women. Although a great benefits package can never replace pay, it does show your employees, both men, and women, that you value them. A gender happiness gap is another measure of understanding how your employees really feel about work,” said Deborah Frost, Chief Executive at Personal Group. Therefore, companies must take the time to get to know their employees and really take care of them to make keep them engaged and happy regardless of their gender. As long as the gender wage gap exists, both men and women will never be truly satisfied with their work, an organization cannot house happy employees if they aren’t treated fairly. Happy employees make better businesses.

Image credit: Medium

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