A Majority of Indian Women & Men Would Quit Because of Sexual Harassment

Popular job search site Indeed recently conducted a survey which found that about 87 percent of professional women are highly likely to leave their jobs due to sexual harassment. Meanwhile, men too would leave their jobs, about 82 percent of them if they experience a similar sort of gender discrimination.

No sector is immune to sexual harassment cases

The survey said, “While it is the responsibility of organizations to ensure the integrity and prevent breaches or untoward activities under their purview, no sector is immune to the occasional offense. In such cases the company should step up and take ownership of their actions and address the issue in a transparent and timely manner, to restore stakeholder trust.” Therefore, companies must be regulated to ensure that gender-based discrimination is dealt with appropriately, all while ensuring that such incidences do not take place again. 

95% wouldn’t quit their jobs if their company tackled cases

While a majority of both women and women would choose to leave their jobs due to gender bias and harassment, 95 percent of the respondents said that they would not quit if their company was open about the sexual harassment and has policies in place and that the problem had been dealt well in the past. The survey which was conducted among 506 employees in the tech industry showed how workers responded to gender bias in the workplace. Also, it revealed what companies need to do to make sure their employees want to stay in spite of issues, like giving more men and women a fair hearing and ensuring that there are good policies that tackle sexual harassment when women and men are on the receiving end of it.

Image credit: The New Yorker

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