Married Professionals Work Longer Than the Unmarried and It’s Taking a Toll

Do married people have a better work ethic than their single professional counterparts? Does this new family demand more financial assistance? Or is work an escape from a troubled life at home? According to one study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, married men have a tendency to work 4.6 more hours each week than unmarried men, while married women worked 1.6 hours more as compared to unmarried women.

People are sacrificing their physical & mental health just to earn their paycheques

Today, people are working longer than their parents worked, thanks to working on weekends, working in shifts and overtime. Also, many people are working multiple jobs in a day or each week which is more demanding than ever, not to mention that many companies are offering a work from home option and employees must clock in a certain number of hours each day in order for that time to count. While working more hours can give one advantage of earning more money, there are certain prices on has to pay. People are sacrificing their physical and mental health, family life and leisure time just to earn their paycheques every month. While unmarried employees can have the luxury of spending all their time at work, married employees have to constantly ask themselves, “Am I married to my job?” However, the truth is that the majority of working people are fully aware of what they are sacrificing.

Working long hours can have a negative impact on one’s health

Unfortunately, whatever people are led to believe about working longer hours, studies say that people don’t really achieve more if they work longer. A study by Boston University revealed that managers couldn’t tell if employees were actually working long hours or just pretending to do so. Moreover, almost all studies prove time and again that working long hours can have a negative impact on one’s health, like poor sleep, depression and even having a higher chance of getting heart troubles. It is quite understandable when one has to put in extra time to complete a deadline, but when these events become a regular affair, it can truly take a toll on even the most resilient employee.

Image credit: Today Show

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