60% of Male Managers Uncomfortable to Work With Women, Research Reveals

Networking with women is getting harder than ever, that’s only if you’re a woman and now research is proving this is turning into a fear of women, stated LeanIn.org and SurveyMonkey; 60 percent of male managers are uncomfortable to work with women colleagues. Activities like mentoring, working alone together or socializing are becoming a massive no-no for them and because a majority of men run the corporate world, where does this leave women?

They are avoiding the problem rather than addressing it

While surveys have shown that men are resorting to this in order to avoid #MeToo issues at all costs, this seems to be promoting gender segregation which is harming the careers of women. Taking the route of avoiding the problem rather than addressing it shows what’s really going wrong at workplaces all over the world. Not only is gender discrimination hurting women, but the problem-solving is also doing the same. Moreover, the study also went on to reveal that senior men at work are more likely to meet with a junior man at work than a junior woman, about 12 times more likely. Therefore, from the time a woman enters the workforce, she is left out of one-on-one meetings, business trips, and dinners and people wonder why the gender wage gap exists? Ever since women have joined the workforce all over the world this problem has been on the increase.

Men are more likely to misunderstand friendliness for romantic overtures than women

So why are men avoiding women? Today, men are really worried about how it looks when they have a business dinner or a meeting with a woman alone, they do not want to give even a hint of any sort of inappropriateness. Also, they do not want women to misunderstand their friendliness because a business dinner between two men will hardly give this idea, however with a straight woman, it might. However, men are more likely to misunderstand friendliness for romantic overtures than women, studies state. Also, office gossip feeds on men and women going for business dinners or meeting alone to mentor; rumors begin all too easily. Meanwhile, gender segregation is nothing new as more men than ever before fear women at their workplaces more than ever before, since the inception of #MeToo. However, women and men must together work on behaving appropriately with each other all while advancing in their career. Sexual harassment or gender segregation, one can solve it only if women and men call for a way to bury the hatchet first.

Image credit: ComplianceX

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