An Increasing Fear of Women in the Workplace is Bad for Women and Businesses

Men at work are soon becoming afraid of women. Fact or fiction? Well, recent news has confirmed this to be true in some places which are facing the aftermath of the #MeToo campaign. Remember when Wall Street’s new rule stated that the would avoid women at costs, especially female colleagues or the Pence Effect which showed that there were some who were taking the low road, “creating a sense of walking on eggshells.” Not only is this affecting women’s careers but it is also affecting organizations and the economy at large.

The #MeToo movement has brought in the fear where people are cautious

From the issue of men mentoring women to men and women going on business trips, many men fear being wrongly accused of sexual harassment in the workplace because they believe that they now are moving into an age of male-bashing. However, in India, there has been a long history of women being silenced and staying silent on the matter of sexual harassment, the fear of #MeToo is strangely necessary, though not always. Bollywood actress, Kriti Sanon said, “Every day, we were waking up to some 10 #MeToo stories. Being a woman, it is disturbing and I know how much guts it takes for anybody to come and talk in the open. The #MeToo movement has brought in the fear where people are cautious and they have this fear that ‘if I do something wrong, I will not be able to get away with it’. We needed this and there might not be a lot of developments in terms of legality but I am glad it has opened up conversations.”

Women want to work without unwanted sexual overtures and harassment

With that said, male-bashing needs to end because there is a need for both men and women to join forces in the fight against sexual harassment and abuse because let’s admit it’s not a woman’s problem alone. But, thanks to #MeToo many men do not know how to behave around women anymore and this is preventing women from getting ahead at work due to others turning the other way at the very sight of a female. Hence, this can result in women not being hired at corporate companies, or them not being invited for an important lunch meeting. The truth is that a majority of women don’t want to harm men, they just want to give their best at work without being obstructed by unwanted sexual overtures, harassment, and abuse. They just want respect, like any other human being. Is that too much ask for?

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