How Indian Women Are Smashing Stereotypes Through YouTube Videos

The number of digital content creators is growing all over the world and this holds true even in India and Indian women are taking the lead. One may think that it’s all about fashion and beauty but the truth is that Indian content creators are crushing female stereotypes by dabbling into various topics like cars, technology, gaming, and farming. YouTube even launched it’s first-ever #WomenToWatch workshop in New Delhi to support Indian women on the platform.

YouTube NextUp has helped many women creators succeed

“We have been and will continue to invest in growing YouTube’s vibrant community of women creators so that we can see many others join our existing stars,” said Marc Lefkowitz, Head of YouTube creator and artist development for APAC. Hosting more than 700 content creators, it was wonderful to see creators on the rise and “YouTube NextUp has helped many women creators succeed. We have initiatives like channel memberships, super chat, and YouTube pop-ups to help creators to monetize.” Moreover, many creators are addressing taboo topics like menstruation, body positivity and even body hair. They desire to reach out to more women and encourage them to embrace their “flaws” and tap into unconventional topics. “We are now witnessing channels run by women about motor vlogging, which is interesting and has started to take off on the platform. The entire gaming genre has started to explode in India and we are seeing women gamers. Farming creators are also making the mark.”

Indian languages too are getting a platform to showcase content

A few years ago the motor and the food industry were extremely niched on YouTube, however, today there is a wide audience for such topics. Also, YouTube is no longer something that is only reserved for the urban sector but is also opening up avenues for those living in small cities and towns in the country. With Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, and Malayalam the digital content space is rapidly changing to involve women of all ages, languages, and cultures in India. Lefkowitz also added that “Another reason which is India-specific is also how data is becoming cheap and mobile phones have been easily accessible. So anybody can now create a good quality video and upload it on the web.” Today, more women in India have access to mobile phones and this is giving them a platform to express their talent and creativity, not to mention that many of them are pursuing their passion showing that you don’t have to work a conventional job to earn a living.

Image credit: Wired UK

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