Family-first LinkedIn is Empowering New Parents At Its Offices

Being a new parent at work is a struggle, just ask someone you know and they’ll tell you all about their hassled and hurried breast pumping situations and so much more. Moreover, many new mothers at work have had to pump in the car or in a dark closet at work, however, one company is changing everything for new moms by making their offices, ‘the most parent-friendly workplace.’ LinkedIn recently built the most “at-home” lactation rooms for new moms and is paving the way for how new parents should really be treated at work.

LinkedIn promotes flexibility, childcare, parental benefits and more

Did you know that a majority of women take a career break or a detour when they give birth to their first child? Many of the reasons behind these are the lack of provisions for new moms at work that promotes flexibility, childcare, parental benefits and facilities like lactation rooms, etc. Not only does LinkedIn provide stellar fertility, adoption, and parental benefits, the company also covers ‘for three Smart Cycles for fertility treatments, including two years of cryopreservation egg storage. They also offer $10,000 for adoption assistance and will reimburse up to $20,000 to cover eligible expenses associated with surrogacy).’ Senior account executive at LinkedIn, Alana Simon is thankful that she works at a company that values the family; ‘each year, employees are provided with 10 days of a back-up child, adult or elder care, on top of being reimbursed up to $2,000 for childcare expenses, thanks to PerkUp! perks allowance.’

Having support from a company means a lot to working mothers

For new moms working at LinkedIn, there is nothing better than the encouraging quotes in the lactation room like ‘I’m a hardworking mama!!’, ‘Pumping ain’t easy. Good job mamas!’ and others, which are so thoughtful and inspiring for the mothers. Moreover, the company also created a LinkedIn Mother’s Room survey where women could discuss their emotional needs and provide support for each other. Anna Bohbot, food & beverage program manager at LinkedIn said, “The goal is to make them feel more like living spaces than office spaces. I wish every working mom had such a thoughtful symbol of support at their workplace. Having support from a company that values my work, my voice, and my role as a mother has helped tremendously in the transition of coming back to work.” More importantly, it makes a huge difference when one’s manager at work is supportive and recognizes that they have important commitments outside work too. Hence, it is vital that parents are provided with a workplace that supports them and creates a sense of belonging and LinkedIn is doing exactly this.

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