Are Women Good at Cleaning Up Spills Because Fashion Allows It?

Whether you are a mother or not, you probably have tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, mints, sanitary napkins or tampons and more in your bag, and if someone around you spills coffee on a surface, you know exactly who is going to bring out the tissues to clean it up. (It’s you if you have guessed it.)Why? Women carry gigantic bags for this very purpose. How many women have you seen with nothing but their wallet and phone with them?

“Girls like to have masses of things in their handbag. Everything’s useful”

One women’s history professor thinks that ‘Women clean up because fashion allows it.’ She said, ” A woman is expected to be prepared for every eventuality, and culture has formalized that expectation. Online, lists of necessities proliferate 12, 14, 17, 19, 30 things a woman should keep in her purse. Almost all include tissues, breath mints, hand sanitizer, and tampons — but also “a condom, because this is her responsibility, too.” Interestingly, women never carried bags according to history because they did not travel very far unless necessary, it was the men who carried purses to store money and women did not carry money around so they didn’t need them. However, over the years, women’s clothing evolved to skirts with pockets and later carried everything bags to hold makeup, opera glasses, and smelling salts. In the 1970s, fashion icon Jane Birkin famously said, “Girls like to have masses of things in their handbag. Everything’s useful.” However, she eventually got tendinitis from her heavy bag while another fashion editor got back problems from her fashionable bag.

There is a sense of freedom when you don’t have to lug a bag around

We now know why men simply avoid carrying altogether; it’s a huge surprise when men even carry a handkerchief with them since it was once the staple among male fashion. Not all men leave the house without the essentials, there are many who carry around the essentials in a bag. However, there is a certain amount of power in going about your day without carrying a bag. Most women would feel awkward to leave the house without something over their shoulders, but there is also a sense of freedom because this will prevent people from putting stuff in their bags. One woman said on Twitter, “It used to feel awkward but not anymore. I do it to be free. To walk fully. After you carry a bag and then you don’t, you feel like you can fly.” On the other hand, more women than men are on the road to decluttering their bags, while men are simply exempt from it. However, women do know that they simply wouldn’t be able to function without a bag or a purse of some kind, because if they don’t they no one will. Imagine being without a tissue when you have a cold or a sanitary napkin for that surprise period day.

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