More Women Are Choosing Solo Travel Across the World Than Men

More money, more flexibility with social norms, all while swapping marriage and babies for their careers, an increasing amount of women are taking solo trips, even more than men globally are. Women want great experiences in every area of their life and exploring the world at large is also part and parcel of it. Historically, women have not been known to travel alone; they weren’t allowed to due to one of their many restrictions. However, thanks to changing times, financial independence, and a large dose of Instagram influencers, women are taking the plunge of traveling alone and exploring new places in the world.

You meet more new people when traveling alone

Travel junkie, Jessica Nabongo has traveled more than 151 countries of the world to fulfill her quest of becoming the first black woman in the world to have traveled the maximum amount of countries. She said, “The thing is when you travel with people, you’re not trying to meet new people — you are focused on exploring places with your friends. Whereas when I’m traveling alone, I’m much more inclined to meet new people and I definitely make deeper connections with people in the countries that I’m visiting.”

Solo-travel has become part and parcel of self-care

Social media has had a huge influence on the solo traveling desire of women all over the world. Al those pictures by the beach, on mountain tops, and in marketplaces with just a lone woman are going viral for all the right reasons. Also, today solo travel has come under the millennial trend of self-care, which is also known as a short cut to self-actualization and a stepping stone to better mental health. Since solo travel takes up time and money, such an investment in one’s wellbeing is a road that is bringing women closer to success.

Traveling alone gives a personal growth-oriented experience

Interestingly, travel research and surveys have revealed that solo travel is more appealing to women than to men due to changes in the demographic and social cultures. Lisa Marie Bobby, a psychologist says that this reveals how men and women differ in the way they vacation. For men, activities are relationships are intertwined and for them, it is a way of bonding with other people. Women on the other bond through conversation and spending time with people, therefore, women have a higher tendency to choose to travel alone than men. Bobby says, “Traveling with a partner or group of people can take you away from the meaningful kind of personal growth-oriented experience and orient you toward activities and the day-to-day stuff.”

However, most of all, the benefits of traveling alone are undeniable; increased confidence, a street-wise mind, worldly wisdom and more. Who doesn’t want these?

Image credit: Western Union

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