Captain Marvel Brie Larson Wants to Help Propel Change in the Film Industry

It was only day two of shooting and she was already doing fight scenes on a moving train, after jumping on it; everyone thought, “This is insane!” However, for Brie Larson, this role is what she trained months for, not to mention all that kicking, punching and judo throws helped her really dig deep into her role both as Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, and Vers, of course.

She wants the conversation around women in the industry to change

One of the most wonderful memories on set was her camaraderie with co-stars Lashana Lynch and her on-screen daughter Akira Akbar, which just added to the girl power in the film. She reveals that they shared a real bond as they spent so much time together, both on set and off. She reveals that her time spent in the film industry until now has given her great insight into how she can shake the table and her role has truly helped her to tap into that. Although being part of this industry isn’t a piece of cake for her, Larson is grateful for the progress that has taken place until now and is working towards creating “a pipeline of sorts and using this to educate others on what’s new, what’s available, who’s reliable, et cetera.” She said, “As a human who self-identifies as a woman I’ve struggled to understand what the word ‘woman’ means to me. I knew I held secret powers, regardless of how I defined it, but some of my experiences growing up showed me differently. For example, in the entertainment industry, women are still fighting for equal pay, or to be equally heard creatively with our male peers… And that’s not even getting into the racial, disability, non-binary, sexual orientation and other stigmas that add more unnecessary oppression.”

Female superheroes are what the world really needs right now

While many have said that this is her ground-breaking role in the history of her career, let’s not forget that she already has an Oscar under her belt for her 2016 performance in the film, Room. So, Captain Marvel was just another day in the office for her. Gaining appreciation from not only the Marvel cast but also Wonder Woman Gal Gadot which has shown that female superheroes are what the cinematic world really needs right now. Our minds, our bodies, our dreams, our ambitions; the day we fuel ourselves is vast. And it’s still growing,” she adds.

Image credit: Polygon

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