Looks like Women and Men are Just Terrible at Multitasking, Research Reveals

“My strength is multitasking,” said no one ever and even if they did, one would expect these golden words to come out of the mouth of a female. Why? Women are “known to” be amazing at multitasking or is this simply relegated as “women’s work”? However, in spite of various arguments for and against it, apparently, we are all just really bad at it, regardless of gender. Take that Google articles who are celebrating the fact that women are great multitaskers. 

When it came to multitasking, the study also found no sex which held the upper hand

When it comes to performance at work, men and women produce the same results, however, they do outperform each other in certain tasks on average. Harvard Business Review reveals that while men are great at ‘imagining what complex 3-dimensional figures would look like if they were rotated. In turn, women reliably outperform men in certain verbal abilities such as remembering a list of words or other verbal content.’ When it came to multitasking, the study also found no sex which held the upper hand and therefore there was not much a difference in the way men and women multitasked. But what about previous studies, you may ask? The problem is that various studies interpreted the term ‘multitasking’ very differently and this varies from study to study and hence, there are many inconsistencies in their results which showed that women fared better than men. 

Whether you agree with the study or not, note that “multitasking” or your definition of it is simply not good for you and your mental health. Doing many tasks at once can really increase your stress levels so try doing one task at a time, you’ll also be doing them with fewer errors. It can also make your mental performance lower which can result in shorter long-term and short-term memory. Another research revealed that so-called multitasking can lower one’s comprehension by 17 percent. Aren’t these incentives enough to stop all that multitasking you think you are doing, we’re looking at you, women? Whatever people might say, just because you’re a woman it doesn’t mean that you just have to do it and men you don’t have to multitask in order to keep up either because let’s be honest we are all just terrible at it. Who wants to do 10 tasks haphazardly rather than 5 really weel? Quality over quantity!

Image credit: Earth.com

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